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HonestThinking is dedicated to topics related to culture, politics, science, and philosophy. To understand what HonestThinking is all about, please read our general manifesto as well as our immigration manifesto.


The Tony Blair legacy - England is disintegrating

30.06.2008. The 16-year-old was out with friends celebrating the end of his GCSEs when a row broke out with youths in a pub near his family's £2million home in Islington, North London. As the 2am argument spilled outside into a brawl involving up to 50 teenagers, Ben fled up the road chased by a gang of black youths. Read more at The Brussels Journal. See also The Daily Mail.


Not just the political opposition (photo by AP Photo/SCANPIX) ...

...but also white farmers, in this case William Rogers, have been terrorized by the mob in Zimbabwe (photo by EPA/SCANPIX).

30.06.2008. British-born farmer Ben Freeth, who helped to bring the violence in Zimbabwe to international prominence, was recently beaten up and abducted along with his in-laws, according to The Telegraph. Read Freeth's report from Zimbabwean hell, published by (among others) The Times shortly before Mugabe's mob got him.

HonestThinking comments: I suggest it is time for some soul searching and tough questions concerning the increasingly disastrous developments that have taken place in Zimbabwe ever since 1980. No matter what one might think of Rhodesia the black majority, except for the corrupt elite, were better off, probably far better off, before Rhodesia was turned into Zimbabwe in 1980. If any of my readers are aware of people who have come forward and commented on the gullibility and utopian thinking (preferably their own) that privailed prior to 1980, please send email to postmaster at honestThinking.org.


The Muslim- Jewish divide

28.06.2008. Two members of the Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative (pdf), Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and Steven B. Jacobs, a rabbi and the founder of the Progressive Faith Foundation, has written an article in The Los Angeles Times about the Muslim- Jewish divide .

HonestThinking comments: This article was brought to my attention by a Muslim friend of mine. While I think we should certainly appreciate and applaud any sincere attempt at replacing hatred and animosity between ethnic and religious groups with reconciliation and mutual forgiveness, we have to be realistic about these kinds of things. And while this article contains a lot of good stuff, it also contains some paragraphs that make me uneasy. For example, Al-Marayati and Jacobs write the following:

To be sure, the politicians aren't inventing a division between Muslims and Jews. We acknowledge the tension between our communities created by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

This, unfortunately, is a typical example of the kind of language people use when they want to sweep some inconvenient truth under the carpet. The authors are pretending to be forthright, frank, and honest and 'acknowledge' this and that, when in fact they are actively trying to prevent the reader from thinking about certain unpleasant realities that does not fit with the picture they are painting. It simply is not true that the tension between Muslim and Jewish communities are "created by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict"; this tension goes back a lot further than 1948 and even the 20th century.

The two authors continue thus:

And yet it is also clear that Jews and Muslims should be natural allies in countering xenophobia and hysteria.

Natural allies? While there are undoubtedly several issues where Jews and Muslims could find common ground, it is not at all obvious that the two are natural allies -- precisely because of the centuries old tensions between them that the authors fail to acknowledge. Wishful thinking is not going to do us any good.

Xenophobia and hysteria? This is tendentious language. The USA, just like Europe, is well on its way to being torn apart by the uncontrollably strong forces of language, cultural, religious, ethnic, and racial differences. Being concerned about these developments, and warning about the inescapable long-term consequences, has nothing to do with xenophobia and hysteria.


Does the EU support racist violence against whites?

27.06.2008. The EU's official watchdog against "racism" complains that native Europeans do not censor themselves enough. Notice that there is not a single word about the massive wave of racist violence facing white natives in Western Europe. We're just supposed to shut up while the Multiculturalists dismantle our nations ... Continue reading at The Brussels Journal.


Ominous developments

24.06.2008 (updated later the same day). Excerpts from an article in The Brussels Journal: The 19th arrondissement of Paris has become a war zone between Jews and North Africans. The most recent flare-up of violence occurred on Saturday June 21. A 17-year old Jewish boy suffered several broken ribs and skull fractures during a violent assault by Mulsim youths. The boy was hospitalized in an unconscious state at Cochin Hospital where he is currently being kept in an artificial coma. [...]

Le Figaro notes that “The Palestinian cause, so often evoked during the anti-Semitic attacks that resurged in 2000 in France, seems to be totally forgotten... contrary to anti-Jewish stereotypes.” This is an interesting comment. Even the French media perceive a worsening of the cancer that is spreading. Now they need to apply this reasoning to all the attacks and crimes in France committed by Muslim immigrants and Africans, and they will see that the motivation is basic anti-white European hatred, like basic anti-Semitism, and not some trumped up excuse like insufficient housing.

However the authorities will rush to turn this into part of their anti-racism/anti-Semitism campaign, where aggressions against Muslims and Jews are lumped together as equally bad, and aggressions against white Europeans are almost non-events.

Last Friday evening, between five and seven thousand high school seniors were assembled on the lawns of the Champ-de-Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, to celebrate the end of the battery of exams they are required to take in order to receive the "bac" or "baccalauréat", the once-prestigious French high-school diploma. The police struggled to enforce the ban on consuming and selling alcohol around the Champ-de-Mars, when the trouble began. Young adults from the departments of Yvelines and Val-d'Oise arrived by Regional Rail, line C, their faces covered with hoods, scarves or helmets, their only goal to attack and rob the students. [...]

The thousands of high school students were probably primarily, though not exclusively, white Europeans; the thugs who came in on the subway were largely North African or black, if we are to judge by previous riots. (This is of course conjecture; I could be wrong.)

Meanwhile, in Brussels, a young Belgian woman, 21, was raped by Muslims in the Midi train station on June 12 [se separate article below] [...]

The French blog Le Conservateur comments:

It's the classic technique of Islamists, as related recently in a book by a young European woman who finally converted to Islam after several rapes. Women are slowly but surely abased to the level of an object for males. It begins in the street with dirty remarks, as we see on a daily basis in the streets of Paris, with stares from butchers and grocers [ * see remark about this translation below], then there's a rape, repeated, that destroys the young woman by branding her body and soul with the idea that she is nothing but an object. Now, an object after being used is shelved and veiled. What happened to this young Belgian woman is not just an isolated crime, it is a message of intimidation to all European women, and to those who have abandoned them – European men, who prefer to turn away and make appeasing and cowardly remarks. This cowardice stains all of us. When we allow scum to make intolerable remarks to women in the street or in the bus, capitulation has begun...

On the topic of rapes of Western women and the silence or even consent of the feminists, read this recent article by Fjordman at the Gates of Vienna blog. And this on the highly-publicized gang-rapes in Sydney a few years ago.

(*) Remark received from a reader of HonestThinking: In the section from the French blog le Conservateur, you mention "stares from butchers and grocers". Actually, this seems to be a metaphor. The actual French text says "pork butchers", which obviously means it must not be understood in a literal sense, since we're talking about muslims here. The blog author certainly meant to say: muslims stare at them as though they were mere pieces of meat. Which is exactly how some "Australian" imam described women, when he said that a cat cannot be blamed for eating a piece of meat that has not been safely put away in the fridge. (Read: veiled, and locked up at home.)


Asserting territorial dominance

23.06.2008. Excerpts from an article at Gates of Vienna: It is an indignant father, disgusted and outraged, who speaks to us. “My daughter was raped in the Gare du Midi. In Brussels. Capital of Europe. With total impunity.” It was June 12. “My daughter was returning from Waterloo. It was 9:00 pm. On exiting the train, she headed for the Bancontact.” A public passage. Yet this is where the tragedy took place. [...]

Marc is bitter. “I’ll have no more of this Belgium where everything is permitted. It leaves lawless areas like that with young people adrift. These rapists wanted only one thing: to abuse my daughter, to possess and denigrate her because she was not like they hear that girls should be… It’s a disgrace.”

Rape by gangs of immigrant is an assertion of dominance, and in that sense it is a political act. It says, “We are in charge here, and we do as we please with non-Muslims. No one may stop us; we operate with impunity.” If the Belgium government fails to prove such assertions wrong, then immigrant-dominated areas of the country will become de facto Muslim states.

HonestThinking comments: We need to recognize that certain non-Western groups (Muslim or otherwise) in various ways, including rape, are asserting their territorial dominance in Europe. This is unacceptable. Politicians who think otherwise, do not deserve the trust of the voters.


Antiracism has become a totalitarian ideology

22.06.2008. Excerpts from an article by Pascal Bruckner in signandsight.com (emphasis added): In a nutshell: Anti-racism in the UN has become the ideology of totalitarian regimes who use it in their own interests. Dictatorships or notorious half-dictatorships (Libya, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Cuba etc.) co-opt democratic language and instrumentalise legal standards, to position themselves against democracies without ever putting turning the questions on themselves. A new Inquisition is establishing itself, which brandishes "defamation of religion" to quash any impulses of doubt, particularly in Islamic countries. And this at a time when millions of Muslims, particularly in Europe, want to distance themselves from bigotry and fundamentalism. In a reversal of values, anti-racism is being propagated by despots in the service of obscurantism and the suppression of women! It is being used to justify precisely the things which it was formulated to fight: suppression, prejudice, inequality.

In the hands of these powerful and organised lobbies, the UN is becoming an instrument of retrogression in the world, when it was created to promote justice, peace, and human dignity.

Europe must take a firm stand against this buffoonery: boycott it, plain and simple. Just as Canada has done. Perhaps we should also think about dissolving the Human Rights Commission or only letting truly democratic countries in. It is intolerable that in the year 2008 - like in the thirties - nations which recognise justice, the multi-party state and freedom of expression are being brought before the tribunal of history by the lobbies of fanatics and tyrants.

HonestThinking comments: Any ideology or regime that is based on systematic denial of reality, will either be removed or develop into a totalitarian system.


Steve Sailer versus Jim Manzi

Front page of National Review

22.06.2008. Software executive Jim Manzi recently had a cover article in National Review, Escaping the Tyranny of Genes - the fallacy of genetic determinism. Science writer Steve Sailer, in a VDARE article, accuses both Manzi and NR of ignoring the realities of genetics.


Old essay by Fjordman

14.06.2008. In a true, totalitarian society such as the old Soviet Union, crime rates are usually low because of the crushing state control of all its citizens. Supposedly, street crime in Moscow in the USSR was rare, probably because the state itself was the biggest criminal. In contrast, in the European Union of today, which is not a totalitarian society, at least not yet, crime rates are booming in major cities. At the same time, authorities are stepping up censorship efforts, openly talking about media “speech codes” and aggressively slapping labels such as “racism” or “xenophobia” on anybody daring to criticize the immigration policies or pointing out the inadequate response to Muslim gang violence.

There is obviously a connection here: The less control the authorities have with Muslims, the more control they want to exercise over non-Muslims. As problems in Europe get worse, which they will, the EU will move in an increasingly repressive direction until it either becomes a true, totalitarian entity or falls apart. This strange mix of powerful censorship of public debate, yet little control over public law and order, has by some been labelled anarcho-tyranny. Read more in The Brussels Journal.


New essay by Fjordman

13.06.2008. I will defend all Western and indeed infidel countries against Islamic Jihad, but I admit I feel especially close to Britain, not just because of the long cultural and historic ties between Scandinavia and the British Isles, but also because I appreciate the good that has come out of British culture. It makes me all the more sad to see how humiliated this great nation is today, and how many natives feel forced to leave what once was their country. Read more in The Brussels Journal.

Se also “Racist” Schoolgirl (14 yrs old) Arrested in al-Britannia.







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The current European immigration and integration policy is profoundly disrespectful of both Muslims and Islam, because it is built on the tacit assumption that the Muslims will become like us. One claims to have respect for Islam and for Muslims, but one also expects Muslims to give up their orthodox faith when they come here. At the same time one is assuming that Islam will be reformed and modernized as soon as the Muslims become integrated and understand and appreciate how superior our Western culture is compared to their own. This is cultural shauvinism and arrogance indeed! The unspoken premise for this scenario is that Western socities are superior to Islam. Read more.




Human rights and democracy are under pressure. One threat comes from the Western world, in the form of lack of or dishonest thinking. There exists a peculiar Western "tolerance" which is so "tolerant" that it even tolerates totalitarian or anti-democratic ideologies. A tacit assumption underlying such an attitude is that all cultures, world views, and religions are really equally good. As a consequence of this assumption one is cut off from the possibility of critically examining the above mentioned ideologies. Read more.